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Why does JavaScript Get its Own Topic

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Questions specific to JavaScript come up much more frequently relative to other languages. If you're applying for a frontend or Node position, it's almost guaranteed that you'll be tested on something specifically related to JS. There are a few reason why this happens:

  • Companies like to ask JavaScript questions
  • JavaScript is the de facto language of the frontend, but the backend has many choices (including JavaScript)
  • These questions can quickly gauge a candidate's experience level
  • JavaScript is a unique language with some quirks, and understanding them can be essential to effectively programming
  • The frontend have become much more complex, and it shows you can handle those
  • JavaScript is the most popular language and used many developers professionally

Because of this, companies not only feel comfortable asking questions specific to JS, they feel it's essential. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you don't like data structures and algorithms.

Companies like Facebook will ask about half JavaScript and half data structures questions. The core data structures will still be essential for many JS-specific questions, but it's less focused on theory and abstract problems and more on how you use them.

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