Essential JavaScript Interview Concepts |

Essential JavaScript Interview Concepts

Course launching November 17, 2020

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TLDR just be a list be a bulleted list of content

Can't problem to cover everything possible, but these are the most important JS questions.

This article will be an overview of everything you need with a "brief" explanation... But also cover everything essential... Recommend the free JS book for in-depth... Event loop video...

You could write books on core JavaScript topics, so it's beyond the scope of this course to teach what has already been done very well (and for free). Before interviewing, I highly recommend reading through the "You Don't Know JavaScript" book series which is available as open source GitHub.

If you learn best from videos, there are some paid courses... Wes Bos Beginner JavaScript.. anything on Udemy?

I'll instead focus this article on a summary of the most important topics for interviews with a brief explanation to help guide you and provide resources. The questions in this module will cover everything here.

One thing worth highlighting: building a portfolio and projects is absolutely essential. With the frontend, we can build UIs that companies can quickly see that we have the experience needed to contributed. Building real projects is also the best way to learn. When you're forced to implement these patterns yourself and debug them, it solidifies them in your skill set.

  • this (explain when it's used) (bind/call/apply, constructor functions)
  • Protypes and inheritance
  • JavaScript scope and lexical scoping
  • Closures
  • Asynchronous programming and the event loop
  • Basic ES6 (var vs let vs const, class, spread operator)
  • Iterate objects (Object.keys/values/entries,
  • Iterate arrays (for loops, for...of, array methods)
  • Making API requests
  • Building simple applications
  • What about functions?
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript and the DOM
  • Be able to discuss modern JavaScript applications and component architecture
  • JavaScript data types and type coercion (types, coerces, truthy/falsy, == and ===)
  • CSS fundamentals for you frontend people(?)
  • Internet and web fundaments (ex. AJAX, performance, HTTP, DOM, web performance)
Why does JavaScript Get its Own Topic
JavaScript Interview Questions

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